Each month I will publish a new report on a company which has been selected by the community. I dedicate anywhere from 30 – 40 hours toward researching and preparing each publication. Reports can range from  5-10 pages in length as the reports are designed to be thorough without delving into the minutiae. I am a luddite when it comes to my research process and I do not believe in cutting corners with information aggregating tools. I start by reading the company’s 10-K and other pertinent EDGAR filings from the past year and then I branch out from there with a manual research process. This is not meant to be a diatribe against the potential of machine learning and ‘AI’ tools; I simply wish to explicitly convey that my commitment to serving this community involves a thorough, manual and – arguably – tedious research effort.

The Monthly Process

  • First Week

    From the 1st – 7th of each month, members can submit their preferred research candidate. Every member is entitled to submit one nomination per month. The only requirements are that candidates must have a U.S. listing of their shares and should have a market cap within a range of ~$50 million – $50 billion.

  • Second Week

    On the 8th of each month, the ten candidates which received the greatest number of nominations will be announced via Due Diligence Genie’s social media accounts on X, Instagram and Stocktwits. Members will then have from the 8th-14th to vote for one of the ten finalists. On the 15th, the winning candidate and subject for this month’s research publication will be announced via the aforementioned avenues.

  • End of the Month

    On the final day of the month, a research report will be published. Due Diligence Genie will also partake in discussion around the most recently published company report for the following month on X, Instagram and Stocktwits. However, Due Diligence Genie is strictly limited to informational discussion and will not proffer investment advice.

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