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Information is invaluable and knowledge is powerful. My mission is to empower the enterprising individual with comprehensive and unbiased analysis of publicly traded companies they would like to evaluate. While some research publications are inherently conflicted – given that they’re receiving compensation from the companies they’re covering – others exercise sole discretion over which companies to research. Due Diligence Genie is exclusively dedicated to the integrity of the research provided and satisfying the community’s interests. To this end, it is my solemn vow that subscribers will never be “the product” – each month our membership community will nominate research candidates and then select our winner through a popular vote. Every report generated will be a result of the community’s choice rather than the traditional research model whereby each selection is solely at the publisher’s discretion. In other words, your wish is my command.

My research is designed to illuminate and inform your perspective. Just as “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, the merits of each company reviewed — or lack thereof — will be solely determined by the reader. Therefore, it is quite probable that my research can simultaneously embolden bullish and bearish perspectives because it is intended to inform without drawing conclusions or providing investment recommendations. This research publication is designed to be strictly informational and none of the content published by Due Diligence Genie should be considered as investment advice.

Researching investment opportunities is my passion and it appears to be hereditary, as I was introduced to the hobby by my father around the age of thirteen and I have him to thank for fostering my interest in this domain. I quickly came to the conclusion that I wanted to pursue a career that fulfilled my passion and I went on to graduate from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Finance. Suffice it to say, that chapter of my life is ancient history and I’ve come to appreciate the confusing line many of us remember hearing from adults when we were young: “time goes by too fast”. My professional experience includes working in Capital Markets for a large U.S. bank, as a licensed investment advisor for a well-known Registered Investment Advisory firm and, most recently, as an independent Registered Investment Advisor operating my own practice for nearly a decade.

Researching investment opportunities
Bull & Bear

I believe that sound business relationships are mutually beneficial and so I deliberately chose to pursue a career where I could ensure that the best interests of my clients were the only priority. I strive to bring that same ethical dedication to this venture, as should be apparent from the chosen motto of this enterprise: “Empowering Independent Investors”. However, I am only permitted to serve the membership community in conducting research. My research is strictly informational in nature and none of the content published by Due Diligence Genie should be considered as investment advice or a recommendation to engage in investing activities involving companies which are the subject of research published by Due Diligence Genie.

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